Identity Theft

Victims of mailbox marauders in Westmead


Manami Sall,  Roman Ruchalski,  Fiona Noyce, and Paul Johnstone (rear). PICTURE: CHRIS MCKEEN

Manami Sall, Roman Ruchalski, Fiona Noyce, and Paul Johnstone (rear). PICTURE: CHRIS MCKEEN

THIEVES are plundering the mailboxes of Westmead residents in concerted efforts to steal their identity.

Residents of units in Good St told The Advertiser some had money and credit cards stolen by thieves who unlocked their mailboxes.

The latest thefts occurred this month after previous ones occured irregularly over the last 12 months.

Resident Fiona Noyce said she and others often saw the effects on mornings after the raids.

“They’ve been at the boxes again,” she said. “They’ve been opening them. There was mail all over the ground. They’re still doing it.”

Many mailbox locks have been changed but this has not stopped the thieves. They are brazen, too.

“There was one lady who had her credit card stolen and got a call at 7pm asking for her bank details,” Ms Noyce said. “She was smart enough not to give them.”

“But this is affecting the people who are living here and there doesn’t seem to be a resolution.”

Ms Noyce said she had set up a post office box to avoid the problem, but that did not suit others.

Another resident, Roman Ruchalski, said a post office box would be a costly inconvenience for him.

“A post office box is not the solution for me,” he said. “My mailbox is close; a post office box is in the middle of Parramatta.”

Resident Paul Johnstone said he had filmed men rifling through mailboxes last year and had supplied the footage to police.

Holroyd local area command crime manager David Jones said police had been unable to convict the men as the footage showed no theft.

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