Oasis stone

This box comes with the extra capacity holding area with the lock door in the back. Take a look at the image and you will see the lock door directly underneath the mail receptacle, so your mail will be locked up all the time and now with a removable bottom, that will hold months worth of mail and comes with a lock door in back.

Bronze receptacle.

This box has been wrapped in cultured stone to match the exterior of the house. If you have left over stone from your project, you can deduct $200 from the price!

Locking Door

Locking Door Example:

This box has a false bottom that is removable as needed, thus allowing all your mail to drop directly into the LOCKED bottom pillar.

FREE Installation for Lake Havasu City Residents! We will come out to your house, dig a footing and set the mailbox in concrete. Or if you have a sidewalk, we will place the slab on top of the sidewalk. All mailboxes come in X-48 MeadowBrook (Light Beige) Stucco. We will seal your house numbers on your mailbox for $3 per number or visit our numbers page for more options.

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