Mailbox Thieves Strike Again in Weston, Police Say

Mailbox Thieves Strike Again in Weston, Police Say

Photo credit: Alissa Smith

WESTON, Conn. — Mailbox thieves have struck again in Weston, according to a blog written by Weston Police Detective Carl Filsinger, which reported that a Hidden Hill Road resident had mail and money taken from his mailbox Tuesday.

According to Filsinger’s Yahoo! Group Weston-eWatch, mail, gifts, cash and checks were reported stolen from the mailbox Dec. 27. “One of those checks was forged and cashed,” Filsinger wrote on his blog.

According to police, thieves also stole mail and gifts out of residential mailboxes on Brookwood Lane and Deepwood Road on Christmas Eve.

Although many of these types of thefts cannot be avoided when you are not home, Weston police are urging residents to pay attention to any unusual or suspicious behavior in their neighborhoods.