This design will compliment your house with its higher pedestal and and a more traditional look. Added Security with this box, a 10×10 locking door and 2 keys comes standard.

Locking Door

Locking Door Example:

All Stucco Mailboxes are finished in Meadowbrook Beige with a Black receptacle.

This box has a false bottom that is removable as needed, thus allowing all your mail to drop directly into the LOCKED bottom pillar.

FREE delivery for Lake Havasu City Residents!

***Installation $75

We will come out to your house, dig a footing and set the mailbox in concrete. Or if you have a sidewalk, we will place the slab on top of the sidewalk. All mailboxes come in X-48 MeadowBrook (Light Beige) Stucco. We include decal address #’s at no charge or visit our numbers page for more options.

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